Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Yellow flowers dancing in the wind as the song bird sings his song. A warm feeling on the skin, an awareness moves within.
What is happiness, said a voice.
Does it come from these flowers, or is it the song birds song?
Is it the feeling I get on my skin or the feeling from within.
Can't I just follow your path,
the one that led you there.
I can't. Happiness ins't a path, not an ethos or tao.
It's more like the sun and moon, day and night.
it comes and goes. jostles around in my mind and heart.
Is it important? not as much as truth.
I now know I crave the contrast.
these nights make me crave day.
cold and alone, dark and scared.
I seek the warmth and company, the light and courage.
I have these things, not from the light but from the night.
I am happiness
I am that place of darkness that rests on the light.