Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What is freedom? Is it, being able to walk safely down the street, being able to purchase groceries at the local super market, being able to have an education, having access to heath care? I would say no to all the above. Merrian-Websters dictionary's definition of freedom is -the absence of necessity, coercion, or constraint in choice or action.    

Freedom from my point of view has a different connotation. We as a society tend to think that we are free, free to go where we want, free to speak, freedom over the choices in our life. But fact is we aren't a total free society, for instance.  The other day I got pulled over for speeding, 45MPh in a 30MPh zone. Well that is the law right, right. But I thought I was free? "You are, you made a choice and now suffer the consequences for your free action".  I am sorry, thats not freedom. That is control by coercion. As a free adult individual I have the ability to weigh the risks and make my own choice. The argument that people usually make when I tell them my point of view is, " We would have maniacs speeding around everywhere and causing mayhem in the streets, potentially hurting and killing other people". Yep, there is the chance. Anyone who sacrifices freedom for safety deserves neither. Whenever we create laws, and rules that try and make things/places/people safer, all you are doing is taking more choices away from an individual. I don't want to live in a place in which it is ok to tell another person how they have to live their lives. People tend to think because we DO have many freedoms and we DO have it great in this part of the world that we are at the peak of society and civilization, well we aren't. This is only a stepping stone to our peak, one step closer to the summit. If we level out here, at a place of global injustice, individual injustice. At a place where an individual can't even have the freedom and the right to alter his or her mind for spiritual purpose. Or just for the hell of it. We created these laws and this system of government to serve us, but we let it grow to much and it is now broken.
 I hope my generation can use our brains, and our hearts to build a future in which the individual has the true freedom to make choices that affect their lives. Instead of war profiteering, Maybe use that money to end some hunger issues, solve many of the worlds civil issues using love as catalyst for transformation instead of explosions and bullets. 

  Please share with me your ideas and perspective on freedom.