Thursday, October 11, 2012

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

So many people who know everything about politics, religion, beliefs, reality, consciousness, feelings, disease, society, love, hate, acceptance, the self, the ego. Am I supposed to take their word for it? No I am not, I am to decide for myself. I should take everything people believe to be true and test it myself. Decide if it serves me. If not, then disregard it. keep what I can build off of. only what can evolve. only what excites me. I do not have to form to some society standard. I can be a man, without being aggressive, and defensive. I am allowed to have emotions and feelings.
It is my emotions and feelings that define me, not my stiffness. It's my character that defines me, not my political stance. It's my beliefs that define me, not someone else's beliefs that were adopted hundreds of years before I was born. I am unique, my perspective is unique. I will not falter in my path. I do not need to defend anything to anyone. I only hope to inspire others, through my actions, that they can be themselves in front of anyone. including themselves.